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Kid Rock & AC/DC Rank 3,4 In 2008 Despite Anti-Digital Stance

Nielsen SoundScan reports show that Kid Rock’s "Rock N Roll Jesus" was the third best selling album of the year in the U.S. as of the beginning of December.  The release was CD only until nearly a year after its release, when  Rhapsody grabbed exclusive digital rights where its sold only 3,000 digital copies so far.

AC/DC has still not gone digital with its "Black Ice" which was released exclusively via Wal-Mart. But it is the fourth best selling album of the year with 1.6 million copies sold.

While digital sales unequivocally contributed to the success of many of the records that top the 2008 charts, these two release prove that in a shifting marketplace there is no single path to sales success.

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  1. I think that Physical exclusivity only works this way when you have a certain type of music (older demo) with a lot of money to spend.
    That said AC/DC are the best… saw them at the IZOD center a few weeks ago and they ripped my face off….best band ever. I was Angus for Halloween when I was 11.
    brendan b brown

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