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Hmm. Just wondering - "...evaluated the requests of the major music companies and determined that it is in our best interest not to allow Project Playlist widgets on MySpace..."

Have they ever evaluated the requests of smaller record companies?



Good point Mike, the majors are still not helping the music industry at all...Project Playlist could really help out the smaller labels and those hundreds of thousands of artists who are not fortunate enough to have major label marketing budgets.


It's about removing Barriers of Entry. If smaller labels could profit, then the entire industry suffers from diminished returns. It's a basic economic principle. The majors have to do what they can to hinder competition SO the industry can flourish (I know it's sounds ironic, but it has to be done across all markets).


Just use http://www.flashwidgetz.com. This site automatically moves your playlist over from playlist.com and then you can repost to myspace

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