Online Video Rules The Workplace

A New Way To Market Your Music

We reported last week on new Nielson surveys that 100 million people watched 5.5 billion online videos in October. Online tech journal ars technica dug deeper and found some stats that creative artists and music marketers could have some creative and lucrative fun with:Tv

  • 65% of online video watching happens during work
  • 34% of it happens Monday thru Friday Noon – 2 PM
  • Workers spend 25% of their time goofing off online

The Opportuntity: Remember all those songs that became hits on radio in large part because they were about radio?  "Radio, Radio", "The Spirit of Radio", "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life", "On My Radio".  I’ll bet you could easily name another 10 or 20. 

So why not a slew of songs and videos about the office?  "Cubicle Dancing", "Lunch At My Desk", "Mary In Accounting Doesn’t Know I’m Alive". You get the picture. Billy Bragg could have a whole new career remaking labor songs to fit the modern office.  Then there are at home workers: "My Boss Is Calling, But So Is My Baby". A Men At Work reunion takes on new meaning.  The possibilities are endless…

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  1. lol
    Like the idea.
    Not many office songs out there. A good one would spread like wildfire.
    Great blog by the way.

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