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$10.2 billion to $9.8 billion, I wonder if the lower expenses from less CD creation and distribution will make up for this loss.


StartMySong.....You are right...No one is talking about that!!?!?!?

Hype Boties...forget you are in the music industry and think retail manufacturing 101...

If you were a retail manufacturer and the news broke that there was a way to get your product to people without the cost or trouble of ANY physical manufacture...AND that there was a potential for product interactivity, quality enhancement AND no more shipping/consumer travel costs...all your problems would be solved and you'd HAVE to do it, a business upgrade. You'd jump at the chance.

Yet music downloads are stuck in the MP3 AAC DRM dark age, left behind by their far more expensive and quality focused cousins, movies and TV. Draconian baby boomer fascists at the RIAA n' Majors are trying their best to kill anyone who likes music and enslave their children's children....And wonderful art is dying alone and unheard in the cracks between (Insert Multi National Media Conglomerate Here) and consumer fatigue.

STOP MAKING / SELLING CD's!!!!!!! They are dirty, expensive and they sound like shit at 44.1 16 bit.....Get on with DSD analog downloads...They CAN HAPPEN! We have the technology: superaudicenter.com

STOP SIGNING DEALS!!!!!!!!! Use Tunecore.com

If it sounds good and it's vital in it's representation of youth culture people will buy it again. And this time they won't even have to leave home.

Much No Physical Future,
brendan b brown

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