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Ryan Sprute

Universal's claim of receiving 100 million or even 80 million from YouTube is mathematically impossible. YouTube's revenues top out at about 200 million. Unless Universal artists counted for half of YouTube's traffic, that's a lie.

Avril Lavigne's manager tried to make the same ridiculous claims, but the math doesn't lie: http://tinyurl.com/6s8mrf


Has anyone had anything substantive to say about how, or, if this magic money gets paid out to artist's accounts, regardless if it's Doug and Terry's estimate or the real one?

brendan b brown


Ryan - the money that Universal is collecting is not just a cut of YouTube's revenue. That $100M also includes streaming fees YouTube has to pay for use of the underlying song copyright. It's a hard cost YouTube has to pay whether or not it generates revenue for them. Remember Universal is not just a record company but also a massive publishing company.

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