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WMG YouTube Ban Spawns Protest Videos

Warner Music Groups’ dispute with YouTube has spawned a growing group of angry homemade protests. The riff has led to the forced removal of thousands of videos by the label group’s artists, as well as, fan videos utilizing songs controlled by Warner’s publishing arm.

Showing an anger towards the music industry reminiscent of reaction to the RIAA lawsuits against individual filesharers, YouTube fans are using the online video channel to express their displeasure.

More angry fan videos:

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  1. Although I understand why people would have complaints, I find it funny how far we’ve come from the days where people were used to having to have permission to broadcast music owned by someone else. People use YouTube in such a personal way, they don’t see it as broadcasting at all.

  2. So now WMG is paying staff to surf youtube and look for ANY songs even if they don’t appear as music videos directly?. THEY WILL PULL videos of people doing karaoke and even background music. WAY to spend on your resources…stock is down to $2/share and they pull this crap instead of worrying about sinking stock prices and branding. What a joke to share holders and anyone that enjoyed their brand or music. They should just fold as a music company…hmm UMG and other brands work with youtube in helping crate brand awareness, but WMG wants to piss everyone off, nice business decision!!!
    I will tell you they are pull background music even because it happened to me. WMG and WARNER pulled MY video and claimed copyright infringement. MY Ex-Girlfriend made me the video so I posted it up, the only reason they did this was (what I believe) is that she had a song playing in the background while she was stripping.
    They didn’t just mute the audio, they pulled the whole thing claiming copyright infringement on a private home video?
    Good thing Youtube put in an option to do an audio swap where the video can be restored with another audio file that they have.
    The video is of my ex-girlfriend stripping – and had 60,000+ views
    So some staff member at WMG is sitting there looking for girls stripping and saw my video…losers of the music industry.

  3. Warner will pull a vid with anybody singing “happy birthday to you” on it! Bankrupt Warner Music Group! Warner’s stock is at $2 a share.. it won’t take much to bankrupt them. encourage millions of viewers to set up accounts with Youtube devoted solely to uploading warner videos. Every time they get taken down, upload more warner videos. That will also leave thousands of videos without audio with the message they have been *silenced by WMG*..bad publicity for WMG. warner will go bankrupt with their overtime expenses. Millions of people should swamp WMG with complaints! use faxzero dot* com* to send free faxes.
    Warners fax is 212-275-3985.
    Warner’s phone: 212-275-2000.
    Google/youtube fax: 650-253-0001. Google/youtube: Phone: 650-253-0000

  4. Ok so whats really gonna happen to those vids that Anet,Besthesda Softworks, and god namit the show you how to do vid for the games, WMG has to relaize that this is gonna backfire, and no less then failure is gonna happen sooner or later people are gonna be protesting on the streets lol other then that be more worried about those gamers out there that put up music vids they can call in the Scary Hack Air Attack lol

  5. Are you kidding me WMG makes a crap ton of cash for views of their artists under their labels….They are just effin greedy is all and want more money. The music industry along with Movie/Sports have gotten so greedy and corrupt its not funny anymore. They’re a multi billion dollar corporation and just threw a fit when youtube told em to stuff it when they asked for more money….

  6. Boycott all WMG Music – that will hit them in their pocketbook. Then maybe they will listen

  7. I had a little CG animation I did for school (around 30 sec) that I posted to youtube. It had a 30 second clip of a 6 minute instrumental song with no lyrics and no mention of the song in the video description.
    But somehow WMG found it and caused youtube to delete my audio. It was a school project with less audio from the song than iTunes and the like provides in their sample tracks. I wasn’t making money off it and the sad thing was I had people asking what the song or artist was because people liked it. Too bad WMG doesn’t like free promotion and advertising from me.
    At least youtube didn’t delete the video since I can just swap the audio. But it’s still idiotic on the part of WMG.

  8. RIAA + Warner Music Group can go to hell.
    They are illegally pulling things, claiming to represent artists that aren’t even associated with them!
    The fagots should be forced to pay back ever dime they stole from the public!

  9. $$$$$ Money Talks, kids, and as long as you keep buying their stupid Rap Music they will keep this up. E-mail them, tell them “You are out on anything WMG”. This is your only hope.
    They pulled the plug on a tribute I did for Viet Nam Veterans. I bet they say they are American” too.

  10. We should be progressing, but instead we are regressing. Any attempt to progress is stymied. I’ve made beautiful videos, varying in beautiful subject matters, that are accompanied by appropriate music. Many people wanted to buy the music that they had never heard before. That was my unintentional promotion. Do I want to get paid for promoting? No. I just want the freedom to create, share and educate. It is difficult to be surrounded by such ugliness.

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