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Booo hooooo hoooooooooooooo!!! Sorry to hear that one of the MAFIAA's is going to feel the same sting that it made many music listeners experience. Next time maybe you'll listen instead of litigating.

Eric Likness

Now what I find really interesting is on that same day the educational consortium is having a presentation by the guy heading up Choruss. It's the new licensing scheme where colleges and universities pay a flat tax to the music industry rather than try to provide legal alternatives to file sharing on their campus networks. That time coincidence is uncanny I think.


Eric Likness...good point. That Choruss deal is pure fascist slavery...this is the Orwellian slippery slope nightmare upon us in real time...Corporations retaliating against consumers for not buying their shitty product by lobbying for laws that impose focus group taxes.

Why not just have Government retail enforcement squads that drive around kidnapping people and forcing them at gunpoint to buy Coldplay records?

Fuck Choruss,
brendan b brown

Bruce Houghton

Curious why you guys dislike Choruss?

Long John

Aye, RIAA, just blame it on all the pirates mateys, arrrrh, arrrrh!


Technology, RIAA ment to keep it in the closet. Sorry, the world did not revolve around the RIAA. I for one will be happy to piss on their ashes when they fall and burn.


It's a tax on the poorest to feed the richest. College kids have nothing but debt. If my bloated, ancient business model failed to adapt how would you feel if I then successfully lobbied Congress to pass a law that FORCED you to buy my product?

It's scary that you don't understand how evil that is on it's face...

....an assumption of guilt that leads to law enforced consumption?....pretty sure I read that in some books about the future BITD.

We are beginning to see enforced consumption. Only lazy ass baby boomers who eat their young could have dreamed this horror up. And Choruss is an Orwellian nightmare come true in our time. That's why I don't like Choruss Bruce.

Why do you Like it?

Fuck Choruss and anything like it,
brendan b brown

Bruce Houghton

Wheatus - Per your comment - At this point I believe that we all need to try new things to see what might work. Choruss is much better than lawsuits...


I have an even better NEW idea:

If you don't play, produce, engineer, or write music get out of the music industry.

Then those who make can sell to those who buy without having to subsidize the endless parade of lamprey who have contributed nothing to the sustainability of the music economy...those vermin who have worked to glean the lion share of profitability from those of us who actually make music.

brendan b brown


they might have problems finding new jobs, I think hell is on a hiring freeze.


Good Riddance!

All leeches must die.



They crack consumers down... consumers don't buy... they go out of business... they lose their jobs. It's called Karma.


And paying terrorists is much better than getting bombed, yet we rightly don't negotiate with them. Two wrongs don't make a right.


I just hope Obama buys me a new car...

Agapito Trespatines

to the music industry sidejob holder - the times you had a job off an artist's talent are over. time to get a different job. much like when the industrial revolution introduced technology that put people out of jobs. a robot in a certain factory replaces a worker. worker needs to get another job. the internet (artist->consumer) will replace you.

to the artist - the times you made a CD, became a millionaire and did nothing for the rest of your life are over. start playing in a night club every friday night and be thankfull you don't have to go to an office everyday from 8 to 5.

that's all there is to it.


+ 1 :)

Steve J

Good riddance to the RIAA and may all the other assholes follow in their destructive foot-steps to hell....

Steve J

As for CHORUSS, It'll be a sad sad day for all when and if anything like that is permanently introduced to our nation as well as other nations around the globe....we can only pray that this will be the beginning of the end of organizations like the RIAA and the MPAA


Allen Trump

I wish I was paid for every line of documentation I write at work, or for every novel idea that saves the company money. I could be retired already.
Corporate America has all the rights. We barely get time off as it is to live life and can get fired without notice or reason. Socially we are way behind. Yep, we have the freedom to be slaves.
I wish the Board of Directors would offshore our CEO for a cheaper one from India, maybe then this whole offshoring thing would end too.

That is right. Musicians should make most of their money playing.



I don't like to see people getting laid off... but in the case of these guys, I will make an exception... good stuff!

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