New Mufin Player Sorts Music By Sound

Now in public beta, the new Mufin player sorts music libraries by sound and recommends songs using audio fingerprinting technology originated at the Fraunhofer Institute, the inventor of the MP3. Mufin creates a fingerprint for each song based on 40 characteristics including tempo, instruments, sound density, and rhythm.

mufin player from mufin on Vimeo

Mufin’s "soundsort" leverages these audio fingerprints to organize music by sound rather than the typical  sorts by artist or title. Playlists are quickly created to match any mood. Users select a track and Mufin automatically builds a playlist with songs that match musically; often uncovering forgotten tracks in the music collection.

The mufin player can also be connected to mufin.com's sound-based recommendation engine and database of 5 million songs. Users can preview, buy and download any recommended track. In addition the beta release includes:

  • Auto-tagging to fix incomplete song information like artists or album name using mufin audioid
  • Ability to import and burn audio CDs
  • Support for MP3 format, as well as WAV, CD-Audio1, WMA, OGG Vorbis, ASF, or FLAC for playback and encoding
  • MP3 player sync

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  1. Don’t know about the old version, but i’ve been getting some interesting results from the new player in terms of recommendations. According to their blog, the new and the old version just share the same name, technically they’re supposed to be completely different.

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