1. This hire is a joke. The woman has no Executive experience or track record re finding/signing talent.
    This will bomb! Especially since the reason that Walk failed is mainly due to the decisions his A&R staff made…. and a lot of them are still there.

  2. Charlie Walk failed because he was and is a musical moron.
    The boss can’t blame the employees…that’s just not how it works.
    If she can actually make money decisions and she’s not just a PR hire than it could be a great thing…
    brendan b brown

  3. Wheatus were signed to Columbia while Charlie was promo/radio king over there.
    Wheatus never really broke in the U.S., despite having big success in Europe.
    Mhhh, maybe this is the reason why Brendan doesnt like Charlie…

  4. × is anonymous…how bold. You’re really stepping out there big shot…putting it all on the line…you ain’t afraid a nothing.
    But when you have something to say that refutes my assertion that the real problem was and continues to be executive incompetence then I will take you seriously. Until then you are a terminal wuss and wholly irrelevant.
    Blaming the workers and cowering behind mathematical symbols….did you work for the Bush administration?
    brendan b brown

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