Some Broadcasters Reach Net Royalty Deal

SoundExchange and the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) have reached agreement on internet streaming rates for broadcast radio stations that simulcast Radio tower
programming over the net or 
that create new internet stations.

Under the agreement, rates for simulcasts or web channels operated by
local radio stations are reduced 16% in 2009  then gradually increase
through 2015 – from $0.0015 per streamed sound recording in 2009 to
$0.0025 per stream by 2015. Additionally, the NAB has  reached agreements with individual record label groups that waive some previous statutory restrictions allowing, for example, artists to be played more often during a four hour period.

But internet only broadcasters have been unable to renegotiate rates with SoundExchange and yesterday announced that the official deadline to settle had passed without agreement. (more here).

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