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Peter Clare

The changes required in the music industry are not going to come from incumbents, and Azoff's clients writing letters without disclosing their connection kind of proves it.


The time right - Live Shows Online- Around the World

The movement by King Azoff and his subjects for total control and monopoly of the North American concert industry is underway. Every venue - Every Ticket.
Not good news for concert goers and new upcoming artists.Can he pull off this "smoke and mirrors" with congress?
Has the time come for "LIVE and LOUD" direct to-fan online concerts broadcast in 5-1 sound.
Why can't I experience Coachella "LIVE" from the comfort of my own home on my 5-1 system for a few bucks online?
Let me Twitter my comments and requests live online to the performers. 40,000 attending - 4 million watching.


tricky, I would kill to watch Irving read your post. I don't think he would understand a fucking word of it....."What's this...this, 'online'?...how do I make that go?"

brendan b brown

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