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New Limewire Darknet Client Broadens Front In Pointless P2P Battle

The increasingly pointless battle to stop unauthorized file sharing just got more difficult with the latest release of P2P client Limewire. Upgrade 5.1.1 opens the creation of darknets – difficult to detect private P2P networks – to almost anyone.

Whack a mole
Previously the domain of the ultra tech savvy, Limewire's huge user base can now choose to use darknets to avoid the prying eyes of the RIAA and others seeking to punish them. Despite the nefarious sounding title, darknets can also be used by businesses to share documents or families to share home videos quickly without making them public.

So even as the courts attack torrent trackers like Pirate Bay and global lawmakers talk about forcing IS's to out filesharers, darknets have popped up to join the pointless game of whack-a-mole that continues to be the music industry's leading business strategy.

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  1. “whack a mole”- funny.
    Yes, P2P has to be about free and paying a share of advertising proceeds to the content owners and creators.

  2. +1 on what tricky said….why can’t they see this is the radio replacement…and you don’t even need a 17 billion dollar satellite.
    brendan b brown

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