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Mauricio Bussab

Interesting. Is it DRM protected in some way? Or pure MP3?


I'm not "gives away" is quite the right headline, since it is part of a club membership.

But this is an idea that doesn't surprise me, and that we will see more of in the future. How is music packaged in torrents? Usually entire discographies. Pirates cater to gaps which the market hasn't satisfied. There is a strong DEMAND for packaged discographies, no matter how big of an artist you are.


I don't like No Doubt, but I like this. Business models are changing, bands and artists are continuously finding creative ways to get people to buy their product. And to see that I can get 8 albums, and some perks for the same price that each album carried when it was released... hey... why not?! I even get a sticker, magnet and patch. Those alone would cost me fifteen bucks.

Taylor B

This article is misleading actually. They aren't giving the entire catalog away with the $15 club membership. You only get a download of the catalog if you buy the club membership and then buy a top price tier ticket ($80) to one of the shows. So, $95 bucks gets you 1 ticket to a No Doubt show and some 1s and 0s you likely already own. Not really a great value add.


It's even worse than that. The only shows available are $105 tickets + an $8 service fee and another $15 for the club fee. Not a bad deal if you are going to the concert anyway.


check out CHOOSIK.com


"free download" turns out to cost $128.00 --- reminds me of the radiohead 'free download' trick

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