"Free" Thinker: IODA's Kevin Arnold
Future Of Music Coalition Wants To Rewrite Rules Of The Music Industry

Review Of The Free Music Debate

Inspired by the coming release of Chris Andersen's book Free: The Future of a Radical Price, we've been exploring the importance of free music. There is no debating that free is here, but the discussion as to how to use free music, even how to monetize it, has just begun.

Last week's posts sparked a lively debate among readers and in other publications. Ex-Coolfer blogger Glenn Peoples, now at Billboard, wrote an extensive essay "The Free Debate" noting that, "as companies search for new ways to monetize recorded music, expect free music to be a common theme" and went on to quote several of the "Free Thinkers" who graciously wrote essays on Hypebot last week. I'd like to thank each of those contributors and Hypebot's smart and opinionated readers for adding to this important discussion. Take a minute to read any that you missed.Free man