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very good article. especially the last part concerning how artists are able to customize the availability of their content.

Jed Carlson

"There will always be superstars. In fact, the internet can create even bigger stars than traditional broadcast media."

I disagree with Ali on this, depending on his metric here.

Q: What superstars created since 2000 will likely be touring and commanding $200 per seat when they are 60 years old, like the Rolling Stones?

A: None.

The trouble with music discovery as 'The Answer' is that it inherently, and quite efficiently, fragments the music space (its a good thing in my opinion). No longer are there 5 radio stations in your area that deliver all the music you ever hear. You can get what you want, and services like Ali's provide great ways to 'niche out' even more based on your taste.

But, that comes at the expense of 'Super Groups'. Its really, really difficult to build a music brand right now, given that everyone can find different bands they love, and services like iLike can deliver that to them. U2 was the last 'Super Group' to exist, in my opinion.

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