Limited Edition Prince Opus iPod Just $2100

Prince opus with logo Trent Reznor may have perfected the art of up-selling to the uber-fan and Topspin may be bringing the concept to the musical middle class, but Prince has just taken this new music monetization strategy to the next level with the release of his new limited edition 21 NightsOpus iPod. The stats:

  • $2100
  • 950 copies
  • Custom iPod
  • Preloaded with a 40 min limited edition film of his 21 nights stand of London concerts

Prince ipod If $2100 is not rich enough for you, you can participate in a private auction for Number One in the series which comes with a special alligator binding and an iPod encrusted with 5 "rare purple diamonds" and 21 "round brilliant cut diamonds".  Recession?  What recession?

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  1. Trent *listens* to his fans and gives them something they want. Prince doesn’t communicate with his fans *at all*, which this product shows. Trent will *give away* the footage to a show that most of his fans didn’t get to see. iPod? What is it 2005? Everyone hip (and with $2100 burning a hole in their pocket) has switched to the iPhone.

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