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Other reports say echo is moving to LA, not closing completely.



This has been a long time coming. Ticketmaster never really knew what they had purchased (for better or worse).

Meanwhile, some former employees have already been hard at work building a newer, smarter better version of this business model: http://www.strategicblend.com


It's not that it doesn't make money...TM probably paid too much for it.

Charlie Dahan

Just 3 weeks ago they were being praised as the greatest company out there at Digital Summit in Nashville. How likely are all these great companies that are out there now are going to mirror the dot com bubble?


The problem isn't with Echo, its with Ticketmaster. Ticketmaster long ago forgot who its real customers are. The company is constantly catering to the sponsors and VIPs instead of the fans. They give the best seats to the sponsors and the brokers and then wonder why people aren't filling arenas.
Sadly most artists aren't willing to fight with the company that holds the monopoly on ticket sales and stand behind their fans. The artists need to force the evil TM into reserving the best seats for their fans. Fans who are happy and feel appreciated will buy the music and the t-shirts and the fan club membership. Fans who don't feel that way will walk away and find other artist who do care.

Mitchell Fox

...hello..anyone paying attention out there...... ..live nation owns musictoday....don't need two of them....this isn't brain surgery....buy the competition and then eliminate the competition.....the purchase price for echo was peanuts compared to the overall financial picture of a ticketmaster/live nation deal....consider the data base of historical/active consumers of "music/entertainment-related products and services" owned and being "monetized" by both companies...they own the most valuable piece of the puzzle....fill in the blank as to what they want to sell...tickets, records, merch, etc. etc. etc.....they know who bought what, when and for how much....END OF STORY....unless of course the government doesn't like the lopsided nature of the deal going forward...although, from the little I know of Mr. Azoff and Mr. Diller...they asked someone who knows about such things way before they made the call....GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE....YOU'LL NEED IT.

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