Seeqpod Down But Vows To Return

Seeqpod MP3 search and play site Seeqpod has been down since Friday, but vows to return.  "SeeqPod is in the process of moving a few servers… We'll be back up shortly", said SeeqPod CEO Kasian Franks on Sunday.

Seeqpod is in acquistion talks with "a large media company that was a competitor to Apple" according to MP3 Newswire. Any suitor would have to be willing to get involved with several pending rights holder lawsuits against the company.

COMMENTARY: Sadly, it's probably over for Seeqpod; or soon will be. If true, the major labels will have scored another victory that will prove pointless as imitator after imitator goes online.  Seeqpod hosted no content, but proved immensely popular despite a very limited marleting budget because it struck a chord with fans. Once again, instead of monetizing that consumer interest; the labels have tried to control it. And once again, they will fail.

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  1. 🙁 id be sad to see seeqpod go, it beat many other places like playlist.com and its kin. offering searches on many obscure, lost, remixed, or foreign songs was the main reason for my addiction to seeqpod. now with it gone for over a month I’ve learned to live w/out but hopefully seeqpod will comeback to be what it once was.

  2. if I were seeqpod I would just open source it… if goliath takes you down at least leave something annoying behind

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