Seeqpod Down. Is It Gone Forever?

SeeqpodScore one for the RIAA?

Perhaps its all of the lawsuits or just a technology issue, but mp3 search and play site Seeqpod has been down for almost a day as of Saturday afternoon. The company recently filed for bankruptcy.

If permanent, the loss is a mere inconvenience for search based music fans who are likely to simply return to using Google search or any of the plethora of replacement sites that pop up weekly.

UPDATE: The outage at Seeqpod which began on Friday continues as of Monday morning. The site vows to return.  More here.

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  1. I noticed the site was offline Friday around 7pm PST. I would guess that they’d put up a “thank you, good night” message if they were closing their doors for good – my hunch is that it’s temporary. I’ll ask my homie who works there…….

  2. The word I heard is that seeqpod will be restored at some point this weekend. Thankfully the downtime is indeed temporary….

  3. My Browser tells me:
    Fehler 7 (net::ERR_TIMED_OUT): Zeitüberschreitung beim Ladevorgang.
    So the Server seems to be still active, but too busy

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