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Charlie Dahan

I read that they were going to leave their code behind so anyone could recreate the search engine - did they do that?


I noticed the site was offline Friday around 7pm PST. I would guess that they'd put up a "thank you, good night" message if they were closing their doors for good - my hunch is that it's temporary. I'll ask my homie who works there.......



The word I heard is that seeqpod will be restored at some point this weekend. Thankfully the downtime is indeed temporary....


Bruce Houghton

As of 2AM ET Sunday I still can't get it to load. What are others experiencing? Does anyone have info?


Now not only is it down. but the link is broken : ((


My Browser tells me:
Fehler 7 (net::ERR_TIMED_OUT): Zeitüberschreitung beim Ladevorgang.
So the Server seems to be still active, but too busy

Jahir Kamal

I what to seeqpod get up again. Server is too busy.


Its been a week and its still down.... not good news?


Seeqpod is comming again, just wait, they are changing their servers

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