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klaus !

Mike Linksvayer

Funny how "Below is a brief list of some of the companies that can help bands and musicians place their music in film, television, commercials, games, etc. What companies did I miss?" on Indie Music Tech became "Top 7 Music Licensing Sites" here.

Anyhow, couple others -- is similar to BeatPick above.

Randall for all of your Classical Music Licensing needs!!!


Also to be added to the list are soundlounge - a creative & licensing music agency based in the UK.



I've added the companies above to my original post as well. See here:

There are now a total of 15 providers listed on Indie Music Tech, but I'm sure they're are more, so please let me know.



soundlounge has been leading this field for 30 years. We are a full Music Agency working to place music in media – check out and you will see the range of tracks and calibre of clients. We also look to work with new bands/labels and promote the best of their work to our clients on a regular newsletter that we call Playlist


Definitely missed the best in the market - pump audio (! Authentic music from real bands not simply production music - indies can submit their tracks directly and participate in a favourable revenue sharing plan.


Pump have just announced a 65/35 split in their favour. Avoid.


Matchless Music ( specializes in indie music licensing. The majority of our artists are recording/touring Indie musicians. We help them get their music placed in television, film, video games, commercials and the web.

That's the same split as Rumblefish. Plus you don't sell the music, you sell the license which means you can re-license the same songs over and over again. Why avoid?


Came across this list, and thought I'd add another new service that is in Beta testing (FEB. 2010) Looks pretty cool. Music Licensing + Collaboration - artists split the profits. Interesting model.

Bob Moran

909 Music is a music production company and an online music library dedicated to licensing, producing and providing modern day, cutting-edge, quality rich music for media and avid music listeners worldwide.

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