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Wow, bands selling their own CD's at shows....who would have thought?!!? What's next? Bands playing in different cities across the nation? Bands charging for people to get into clubs to see them?

Cutting edge once again Mr. Rogers.


loved this article!


Tim Price


you'd be surprised how many bands DON'T do this very basic stuff.

This is good advice and it is simple, SIMPLE stuff that bands need to be told REGULARLY to ensure that they keep doing it. Bands are LAZY at times. The more reminders or inspiration they have to do this stuff the better.


Hey Tim - I am not surprised by how many bands in the INDIE ROCK world do not do this, but get outside of that microcosm and you see a lot of bands doing this stuff.
And for Ian's comment about not worrying about either band since they are hustling and connecting with fans etc., that's pretty much BS. I have seen many a major label band in the last 5 to 10 years that did these exact things and get dropped.
The point of my extremely smart ass comment was that Ian is a "talking head" in the digital music industry, and this is the best he can come up with? To tell bands to talk to fans and sell CD's? Like most "talking heads" pontificating on the music business, he seems to have forgotten how to actually break an artist. Topspin is great though, if you're already an established artist.


I think this is a good article, especially for all the new up & coming artists.

We are contacted by a lot of artist about bookings, etc. To our surprise, many don't have a band or enough songs to accommodate a two to four hour show.

They don't have a CD.

They don't have business cards.

They don't have a PA system.

They don't know how many fans they have.

And the list goes own.

Yes, there are many artist who do know most everything, but, there is an equal number of artists who do not.

Atul Rana

Great article. I used to give out free CDs at our gigs as a promo tool but slowly I went off that as well since it was costing too much and there was no seemingly good return from it (0 conversions).

We have

- A produced CD
- Business cards, moo cards to be exact
- 0 true fans (according to the Kevin Kiley definition)
- Monthly London gigs for the last 8 years..

Nico Boesten

Yup, I read the articles about free music (in this case, discounted music) and with word of mouth being the best sort of advertising these guys look like they know how to be music hustlers.

I just had a band hand me another download card last night which is a great (& much more cost effective) way of going. Could that be the future?

Natalie Gelman

Awesome post - definitely inspiring and it affirms what I do. Which you're right you don't see a lot of artists going out of their way to get a CD to fan. Lots of times they want them but they are too afraid to approach someone they just saw on stage.

Thanks for posting!

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