1. Wow, Zappa surely’s got a point there. A CEO that is prejudiced against the music he wants to sell is effectively getting in his own way. And when he doesn’t want to take a risk, the music sounds boring. There are two kinds of music: good music and boring music.
    That guy talking about the cell phones got one thing wrong: he says the cell is a future if the music can be distributed to it on a subscription basis in a very good sound quality. Problem is that there isn’t a very good sound quality coming out of the headset of the cell phone. It’s kind of unrealistic to try to target an audience with near-audiophile content which is so busy and so quickly moving as the cellphone crowd that doesn’t necessarily care about a good sound let alone cannot spare the time to listen to a whole song. There needs to be a socially acceptable niche in the everyday schedule of a listener for her or him to immerse themselves in the music. It seems like this is why the live performance is on the rise at the time. But how do you make it socially acceptable again to sit back and listen to a record when there is no (physical) record to begin with?

  2. Thanks for posting. This is a great video. I visit Hype bot daily. Keep up the good work. Peace.

  3. who’s the dummy talking about subscription services?….
    “We’ll just have to trick kids out of their parents money by overcharging for a bad subscription service”
    ….sounds like a record exec to me..

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