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Audiolife Keeping costs down as you're growing a business is crucial whether your a tech start up or a rock band; and in recent months, Audiolife has been building an infrastructure to help D.I.Y. and indie artists do just that. The company offers a platform that allows artists to create CDs, t-shirts and other merchandise on-demand with no up front costs for sale alongside downloads in a virtual storefront. (Watch a video after the jump.)

Audiolife warehouse Now Audiolife has added fulfillment and warehousing to its menu of services. They can ship as little or as many of their existing products including CDs, merchandise, and posters to the company's warehouse to be stored for a small monthly fee. Audiolife will then ship their items with no extra re-stocking charges.

"We wanted to make sure that we could accommodate any artist at any level of their career, and to do so, we needed to provide warehousing and tour support," Brandon Hance, co-founder and CEO of Audiolife told Hypebot.

“Since our beta launch in January, thousands of artists are using the platform to create and sell merch on-demand to fans," continued Hance. "But a great majority of those artists have existing merchandise that they don’t want to waste because they have already spent thousands of dollars creating it. Fulfillment and warehousing was simply the next, natural step." 

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