Farkie Turns Any Stream Into A Download

From The "It's Futile To Resist" Department:

Website Farkie bills itself as "the ultimate online application" for downloading YouTube videos, MySpace playlists, movies, audio, images, javascript, ajax, objects, applications, flash, links and "many other things". Usrs can use Farkie to:

  • Download YouTube videos in video or audio format
  • Download MySpace songs in mp3 format
  • Download scripts and pictures from a website
  • Download flash games from a website

How to download a YouTube video with Farkie:

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  1. wow…now that is something. Wonder how this will play out…can that site be blocked from connecting to Youtube or Myspace? I think something like this has existed for a while as a standalone piece of software, but this web based app is way further reaching.

  2. Just took all my full-length songs off of my pages: jesus, it’s getting tougher and tougher to pimp your sh8t! will have to put only clips up now.

  3. btw, Risky, those Firefox add-ons are very cumbersome to use, so while they have been available (for months, not years) they are too nerdy for mainstream adoption.

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