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Is Music Marketing Changing To Meet Shifting Internet Usage Patterns?

Pie chart From Teddy Wayne in the New York Times:

"Internet use for “short-tail” sites with large audience reach has evolved... from portal-oriented sites, like shopping directories and Internet tools... to social networks, YouTube and providers of niche content.

...the video audience also exceeded the e-mail audience for the first time, and sites with long-form videos (averaging six to eight minutes) are showing much more growth and user time spent online..."

It's been clear for some time that having and using a great email list is just the beginning for music marketers. The importance of...

social networks and YouTube is also nothing new.  But users spending more time on "niche sites" and with "long form videos" are much newer trends that deserve 

The author of the study predicts that "over the next 12 months a model will emerge that takes into account 'the influence factor' of users who wield disproportionate power."  On Music Think Tank Bruce Warila suggests a more proactive approach with artists banning together to create trusted channels of niche content rather than trying to go it alone.

How is your marketing changing to follow the shifting online habits of the elusive fan?