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Call Katy Perry Now At 805-754-2138

Katy Perry Give Katy Parry a call. She's got numbers in the US, UK Spain, France, Italy and Australia.

You'll hear Katy Perry's voice answer and ask you to leave a message.  She shares a little news, but also encourages you to share the news of your day too.  She says she listens to her messages and even calls some people back.

At first the the idea seems very old school and silly.  Shouldn't she be sending you to her website?  But isn't this a mobile age  just as much as its a computer one? And how much more time do kids spend with their cells than on their computer?

There's also the added dimension of a little human contact - even if recorded - beats another blog post any day.  This is brilliant; and so simple and cheap.  $5 and 5 minutes and you've launched a new service that fans will love.