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The Livio Radio also features Pandora. It has the most Pandora applications than any other Pandora player. It has the thumbs up and down buttons. When there's a song playing on through Pandora it has an extensive information option. The options will give you information on the artist, lets you give feedback, and bookmark the music by either artist or song. It also has an internet radio station option. There are over 11,000 stations covering and wide variety of genres. It's easy to use and automatically updates and syncs to your online Pandora account! If you have any questions please feel free to contact me! jaclyn@myine.com



This post is about www.play.fm so please stop spamming. I am sure you'll get your coverage elsewhere.



I found the site a bit complicated to use. Pretty looking, but don't see myself coming back.

However it's nice to see a company focusing on the DJ/electronic community as that industry is exploding.

Question becomes: How do you monetize a global audience, which the electronic community is.

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