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The Daily Grind

That's a bold move. We'll see if the advertisers actually notice any results from the campaign.


Ah, music. A deep and primal experience, a glimpse of the ineffable. Precisely the context in which I want to be advertised at. Yes, sign me up!


Instead ReverbNation should pay registered users to pay for downloads. i know that sounds strange in the first place, but free downloads definately also make bands/musicians look like they don"t think their own music is of any value, too.

if i want something, then i will pay for it.
if i don't want something, then i need to get paid to even worry about it.


Just what fans want! To download ad-laden music which is being tracked from an ad-laden download page.


This is not true. Reverbnation is offering $50.0 to $150.0 bucks share for the full rights of the band´s track, and they can use the track in whatever they want to. So, if this track scores a synchro making a couple of thousand bucks to the 20´000s or 30´000 the indie act still will make 50 to 150 bucks only. This is a scam and a robbery to young kinds who are trying to make a living from their original music.

Mr. B

Agreed. Robbery.

Although the language "the initiative makes it possible to tap into the kind of major brand relationships that have typically been elusive for unsigned and indie talent" at the beginning kind of gives that away.

Jed Carlson

I can totally appreciate the cynical flavor of the last two comments. Lots of companies out there make a living taking advantage of Artists, but we are not one of them.

Adri and Mr. B are incorrect about our intentions with the music supplied by Artists for this pilot program.

We will not use the track for anything other then applying the sponsor's advertisement to the artwork during the term of the campaign and providing the mechanism (and promotional tools) to give it away to fans during the campaign. I will re-look at the exact terms and conditions and make sure that they are specific to that end, if they are not already.

Anyone who knows ReverbNation knows that we are the good guys. We operate under an 'Artist First' philosophy and are not looking to take advantage of ANY Artist. Quite the contrary. We spend all of our time trying to find new revenue streams for Artists from all walks of life. This pilot program will allow us to compensate Artists from $50 - $5,000 for the downloads taken by fans during the campaign. In total, participating Artists will receive $125,000 for their downloads, and have a sponsor spending their own money promoting the Artists and music involved.

That said, the program isn't for everyone. Some Artists may not want to receive payment for giving away music to fans with adverts in the album cover art, and may not want a tier-1 brand to spend money promoting them to the public. But, that's why the program is optional for Artists that want the opportunity.

We are NOT taking ownership of the music in any way, and we are requiring the minimum rights we need in order to add the advertising to the album cover art and carry out the program.

If anyone has any additional questions about the program, please direct them to sponsoredsongs@reverbnation.com

Jed Carlson
Co-Founder and COO

David Rose

I applaud Reverbnation for at least trying to find new ways to get artists paid for the their music. Will this program ultimately succeed? Who knows? If anyone finds this sponsorship program objectionable please, please develop a better model for getting artists paid and roll it out immediately.

I'll support any opt in program where artists get paid for their music and retain all their rights. Hopefully someone will actually figure out a successful revenue model for talented indie artists in the near future.

I take Jed at his word when he states that Reverbnation is not taking ownership of the artist's music as part of this program.




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