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Thursday's Music Brief: MySpace, SayNow, DRM Study, Best Buy Offers Funding, Mufin, U2 & More



  • Landmark study: DRM truly does make pirates out of us all. (ars) Read the lengthy study or a summary.Best buy
  • Hoping to take advantage of deflated prices caused by the economic downurn, Best Buy launched a Digital Media Fund to be managed by Fuse (FKA Velocity) (Reuters)
  • Mufin, the sound driven music recommendation engine announced new features including an iTunes plug-in and full video playlist functions on the mufin site.
  • Music Labels Cut Friendlier Deals With Start-Ups (NY Times) Spotify, imeem and Rhapsody are mentioned.
  • EU sues Sweden, demands law requiring ISPs to retain data. (ars)
  • U2 logo U2 manager: 'Ultimately free is the enemy of good' (cNet) I believe Paul makes an over-simplified and judgmental argument.  Is Google not a "good" product because it is free? Was U2 a "less good" band when thay played for me in the early days for $1000 instead of $1 million?
  • Didiom Continues to Expand Mobile MP3 Store by Adding 1,500 Record Labels (press release)
  • JVC, Japan Signs Deal With BFM Digital For Distribution Of Digital Content (press release)
  • Dublin-based music video website Muzu.tv, whose founders were named as 2009 Net Visionaries by the Irish Internet Association (IIA) just last week, has signed a major deal with Warner Music. (Irish Times)
  • Cool Uses of YouTube APIs (YouTube)