Time Magazine Names 10 Top Tech Failures And Music Grabs 3 Of Them

What Are Your Top 10 Music & Music Tech Failures?

Time Magazine named it's 10 Biggest Tech Failures Of The Last Decade, and music and music related industries manage to grab three of the top spots.

  • Youtube wide YouTube – Big doesn't mean profitable and its estimated that the company would have to triple its revenue just to break even.  Time doesn't mention it, but the cost of licensing music – one of its flagship products – contributes mightely to its YouTube's overhead; and yet the labels even bigger payments.
  • Zune_logo Zune – Apple launched the iPod in 2001 and it took Microsoft 5 years to respond with the Zune. It's been downhill ever since.  During the crucial Christmas 2008 Zune generated $85 million in sales (and falling) while the iPod churned $3.37 billion.
  • Xm_sirius Sirius XM – You can't really blame music or licensing for this failure though its demise will hurt a indie and niiche music.  The two companies simply spent too much money on techmology and talent to attract its 18.6 million subsriber (down 400,000). Then there's competition from iPods, Pandora and more.

Read the full list of Time Tech Failures here.

Name Your
Top 10 Music & Music Tech Failures

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  1. it’s a ridulous assertion to imply that the record labels are to blame for YouTube being in the red… you claim that licensing ” contributes mightely ” to YouTube’s overhead — i don’t believe that — its probably a relatively small percentage of their costs

  2. Seriously? How can Time put YouTube with Zune and Sirius XM!! This is nuts, given the fact that YouTube has forever changed how people experience video, and has disrupted the industry completely. Xune and Sirius on the other hand are appropriate, the former being lost in the iPod’s shadow, and the later a place holder and a stepping stone in the shift from radio to online, streaming radio.

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