Top 15 Most Popular Music Sites

According to a new report by Comscore Media Metrix, these are the most visited music sites on the internet measured by unigue monthly visitors in April,

  1. AOL Music (28,634,778)
  2. MySpace Music (27,423,200)Generic_headphone_computer
  3. Yahoo Music (20,578,092)
  4. MTV Networks Music (18,543,442)
  5. ArtistDirect Network (12,193,996)
  6. MSN Music (7,352,016)
  7. Jango Music Network (6,921,809)
  8. Universal Music Group (6,240,440)
  9. Imeem (6,162,165)
  10. Project Playlist (6,043,186)
  11. Rhapsody (6,014,385)
  12. Sony Music (3,900,618)
  13. Lyricsmode (3,804,775)
  14. Last.fm (3,740,479)
  15. Windows Music (3,054,952)
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  1. Incomplete/faulty rankings.
    Pandora had 8MM+ uniques in Jan-09 (Comscore). This is also missing high ranking sites like Clear Channel Online and NPR from Comscore’s own 2008 rankings.

  2. mog is at 6.5 million uniques. only quantcast (check) accurately defines the network as they aggregate the blog partners.
    comscore is VERY PROBLEMATIC. those that don’t pay their exorbitant get grossly underreported. and it uses a small sample set to extract. quantcast is more like google analytics and is driven by tags placed in pages to get the real number.

  3. This list may be based on revenues vs. popularity/traffic… see YouTube’s TECH FAIL in Time Magazine.
    http://www.supernova.com is the music site I’m currently using (and **loving**) – plus they put on live concerts every week to showcase talent (all over US and Canada!) so you can actually see and hear the artists LIVE… cool 🙂

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