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Zune sounds great...go HD Radio! For more info on HD radio and a great selection of HD radio receivers, HD radio tuners, and home audio go to http://www.hdradiotuner.org

Livio Radio

Livio Radio is a great radio system that takes online music streaming to the next level. The fact that it features Pandora and has more of its features than any other existing radio shows how revolutionary it truly is. The Livio automatically syncs to your online Pandora account and upgrades automatically. You're able to create stations on the radio that will also show up on your online account. One of the best features is that the radio is able to give you more detailed information about the music that's playing such as why it choose that song, what category your music taste falls under, and also allows you to bookmark your favorite artist or song for easy future listening. Livio Radio is the only radio to have the actual thumbs up and thumbs down buttons. When you run out of skips there's over 11,000 radio stations to listen to covering a large variety of genres from all around the world. The Livio is extremely easy to use, set up, and attach to any other stereo system for optimal sound. One of my personal favorite features is that there are no commercials and I don't have to deal with a web browser once I've set up my radio. All that I need to listen to non-stop music is wi-fi . Here's a link to Livio Radio's website, http://tinyurl.com/blog-jnl about the radio or anything else please feel free to contact me at jaclyn@livioradio.com.

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