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Roger Bixley

I've always wondered how soundscan accounts for the fact that iTunes (arguably the largest digital retailer) reports album downloads as individual track downloads when the track count is ten tracks or fewer.

Janet Hansen

The major labels and large indie labels are the only companies that report to Soundscan. Independently owned artist labels make up a much larger portion of all music distributed today. So the numbers are very skewed. Why this persistent perception that music isn't selling is a curious one.

Live music drives music sales in larger proportion than any other method. More CDs are sold from the stage than most people realize, because live music creates an emotional experience for the audience who then wants to purchase the music and take it home to hear again.

Honestly there is nothing emotional about standing in Wal-Mart, Target or Best Buy to purchase a CD. Therefore, yes, the numbers of retail outlet sales have fallen, because the retail outlets themselves have gone out of business. When record stores existed, and that was the only way to purchase a recording, it was a luxury experience. Could have spent all day in Borders or Barnes & Noble. But those days are over.

Soundscan is not the do all and end all in the perception of music sales. Let's see what happens next.

Janet Hansen


so, about half of all albums released were digital-only (50,000 of 105,575) yet they sold only 1.8% of all new release album sales - this completely contradicts the extremely biased source hypebot quotes that predicts 83% of all music sold in 2013 will be digital.....

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