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Hit em where it hurts.


I think they should give some of the money back, if they can't prove that they own the copyrights, ( which I'm sure they don't have a bunch of them because I think that's what happened when they were fighting with Napster in the begining).

Will Barton

This is SOOOO ridiculous. If Doug Morris, Edgar Bronfman Jr etc Did not use there wise and mysterious minds to sell CD's, because that's what is coming into fashion these days, they would understand that the industry is changing. RIAA is like a kid that wants more ice cream at the ice cream store AND IS GETTING IT. The RIAA is a big stain on peoples shoe that won't come off. RIAA should be boycotted for its lack of freedom it gives people. A big change in legislation is in order for the industry so that we are "open industry so we can create ideas and not a closed industry", Gerd Leonhard. No more Jamie Thomas cases. No more greed from the RIAA. When the RIAA loses it will be a victory to the industry.

JazzFusionGuy aka SourceCodeX

RIAA needs to refund with interest what they have stolen from fans AND musicians over the years.

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