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This is a critical time for MySpace. If they don't do something intense in the next few months to turn their luck around, then they can kiss their internet presence goodbye.

And sites need to start capitalizing on MySpace's downfall to take over their huge music share.


It will be interesting to see how Myspace's numbers play out. From the graph above, it doesn't look like they've really lost any ground, they just haven't seen any increases. When will Facebook start to really carve into those core numbers? I think Myspace still does the whole band thing much better than facebook, so perhaps that's what is keeping their core user base intact. Do these page view numbers tell us how the visitors use their time at the various sites? A user could log into Facebook, spend an hour or more reading about what their friends are up to etc., where the same visitor might visit myspace for 2 minutes to check out a new single from their favorite band.


People are missing the BIG point here.Facebook is filled with 300 million boring people doing a whole lot of nothing.Quite frankly,people who are into music,movies, and comedy are glad these boring people have moved on to Facebook from Myspace. When was the last time YOU bought something from an advertiser on Facebook? When the Russian money runs out Facebook is dead meat.I don't want to hear about your boring life,or that your kid is now potty trained or be friends with your mom.MySpace is far from dead,and Rupert (even though I don't care for him) will make it profitable.If you don't like the frenetic pace of Myspace,take your old boring a** to Facebook and stay there,while you can. Facebook is like the Lawrence Welk of the internet.Terminally boring.Next thing you know they'll be having polka contests and advertising Metamucil. NOONE on Facebook is BUYING anything,just 300 million window shoppers.Do you really think those 180-200 million non-American Facebook members are buying anything from the advertisers? When the advertisers realize there's no ROI (return on investment) for their advertising dollars,they'll stop advertising.Most business know you make 80% of your business from 20% of your customers.What's the click-thru rate for the people on Facebook? What are these soccer moms buying from Facebook advertisers?


They're heading in the same direction WCW starting in the late 1990s and go bankrupt damn near after.

Professional MySpace Design

There are a lot of assumptions about MySpace based off the graph shown as though MySpace is losing popularity. It's not. Facebook had to update and do more to keep up with MySpace, so inevitably it was going to either happen that Facebook started becoming popular. Think about all the changes that Facebook had to do to keep up with the demand for popular social networking. They removed their restrictions on signups (When I signed up years ago you needed to be in a school network or work network) and now anyone can sign up. That is no coincidence.

MySpace hasn't lost any popularity, it has just remained stable for the past year. If the amount of visitors starts to steadily decrease, THAN there is reason to be worried about MySpace's performance and longevity.

Overall, I think MySpace will be around for much longer.

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