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Jelli Crowdsources Radio Programming

Broadcast radio sucks. It's programmed by computers controlled by old white men looking over their shoulders for advice from a handful of consultants and focus groups. What if we, the people, controlled what was played?  It would have to better than it is now, right?

Jellii love 105 aims to find out. Jelli is user-controlled radio. The service lets fans take over a radio station using their web browsers and empowers the community to interact with the broadcast in real-time and determine dynamically what plays on air. Jeli has been testing online and will go live later this month with a weekly 2 hour Sunday slot on San Francisco's Live 105.

Here's how it works:

While Jelli’s on the air, LIVE 105 will be become 100% listener-controlled radio:

  • Votes on will decide what plays next, in real-time.
  • If a song a fan rockets makes it on the air, They’ll get the credit with their user name read out for all to hear.
  • Users can band together with other listeners to pull a song off the air…live.

Users can search or browse to see all the songs that are available for voting and rocketing during the broadcast, but what actually makes it on the air will be completely up to the listening community.

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  1. I absolutely guaranTEE that the songs listeners request will be EXACTLY what’s normally programmed. For example, on Live 105 SF, you’ll DEFINITELY hear Sublime, Green Day, RHCP, etc. Seriously, don’t expect there to be some totally amazing music on the air.

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