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ANy song that streams are your PC is capable of being 'downloaded' regardless of info given. TO stream it has to first D/L to your cache and then it's a pretty simple matter to find/rename to .mp3 and you have the song.

This is why 'streaming' is just as bad as pirate music in many cases and SHOULD be subject to royalities as if it were downloadable.

Mike M.

Why should the music industry be forced to do deals with a company? If I started a blog that ripped your design and all your content, and I made it really popular off of just stealing your content, word for word.. your code - line for line and used your blogs name to build my blog up, that would for sure piss you off.

Just because a company starts a site, doesn't mean the music industry HAS to do a deal with them.


I should note that Grooveshark are also very difficult people. I have met with them multiple times and their understanding of music, technology and willingness to develop their company alongside the music industry was minimal. It very much is not the ad-supported streaming site that you want to be in business with. There are a lot of competitors out there who are starting the correct way, why be in business with someone you don't belive in. EMI is doing the right thing.

Lucas Gonze

Grooveshark says that they are not a search engine:


imo the music (and wider, entertainment) industry didn't see or care when the times changed, when people started to exchange files, when formats like mp3 appeared (wich inventors were neglicted by majors). the industry wanted to keep intact their format and network : CD and stores. they thought their models/prices and way of exploiting artists could be conserved for ever.

so the users, the communities, the new websites/softwares made fair job in their place. now it's too late for most of them, and the only thing they can do is cooperate or bite like EMI just did. There is no reason why. Unlimited supply ? See, that was so predictable ...

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