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Brenden Mulligan

Thanks Bruce. Great article, as always. We're excited to work with the community to make the best tools available and convenient to artists.


same old same old..there's an abundance of tools out there already. Unless there are fresh, innovative and compelling apps on offer then this will just add to the DIY clutter.

Brenden Mulligan


We're hoping to make sense of that clutter and let the best apps rise to the top. It's a huge challenge, but our goal is to make things better not worse. We think it's worth trying to do, and would love any feedback on your ideas to not just add to the clutter.




I'm not an artist any longer and don't use these tools but I believe Topspin are going a step further by offering marketing based courses etc to educate artists as this really is what divides the men from the boys. Beyond just providing apps I hope these developers offer indepth advice and tips on how to utilize these tools to best effect. There is a science involved here and in most cases it requires experts (branding, direct marketing etc) to best exploit them. Your average backwater band will be clueless..

Still, apps to sell merc, concert tickets, engage with fans to me is a big yawn as there are so many out there.

Brenden Mulligan

Cool! Thanks for your perspective. I'm hoping that as people get creative with our platform, we can solve some of the issues you're presenting ..


Matt Rod

I think Artist Data is a perfect place for these tools.
Yes, there are plenty tools available, as Will said.
But with a good content management system, being able to have all purchases come through a single place, and having the tools (really, they need to be flexible!) in ONE user interface is incredibly valuable.
As far as I see it, TopSpin are the only company that offers all of this (ReverbN kind of, but their widgets are slow and not exactly aesthetically appealing [yes, this matters]). TopSpin seem quite set on there ways, and a bit of competition always sparks innovation.

I think this is a great thing.

Matt Rod

Brenden I hope you read this!

One thing that is concerning: it sounds as though you are having many developers creating each tool. This is great but:

It should be pointed out that each tool (individually) is available already.

What is very rare, is the ability to use those tools together and being able to integrate them!

Widgets with the following things I as an artist would find useful:

1) easily coloured/altered to fit well with one's website. If you use something like "powered by artist data", it should be subtle.
2) download in exchange for
a) email
b) free
c) $
[bandcamp does an excellent job of this]
3) comments and hearts/likes
[soundcloud has a great player for this, but none of the download in exchange for]
4) I haven't seen this, it would be really nice:

If one has a single (song) that one gave for free download, but there is bonus content (including file types other than audio! example, photos/videos) ... the bonus content to be available in exchange for ('x' the artist chooses).
So fan could download song for free.
If he/she loves it, wants the bonus content, he clicks 'bonus material' and gives 'x' (say, an email address) and downloads a multi-media folder.
Topspin does have something similar.

But again, the power is having everything in one place. One central hub where the artist can manage everything.

Creative types are very, well, creative. Make the tools easily customisable, centralised and I think you're well on your way to becoming a big player for artists.



Thank you so much for your comments.. All great stuff. I totally agree with you about a lot of the integration issues, and we are continually going to work with these partners to make the experience as seamless as possible for our artists. We'll be very transparent with the process, and feel free to follow along at http://developers.artistdata.com.

Also, I posted some additional comments about the initiative on our blog this morning if you'd like to take a look: http://bit.ly/yHIKI

Thanks for being a part of the conversation!


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