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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: For more than a year ArtistData has created tools that help artists from the smallest garage band to the roster of labels like Universal Republic and Rounder enter  data once and spread it across multiple platforms from MySpace to concert databases.

But understanding that they've solved only one piece of the artist puzzle, ArtistData is smartly opening its API to outside developers who can now create services that integrate with AritstData and its 10,000 users.  Phase one is to attract the developer community and in an exclusive interview founder Brenden Mulligan shared what else we can expect.

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What kinds of apps do you see being developed with the new open platform?

We're talking with developers and companies who will be building all kinds of artist services on top of the platform. That includes fan communication tools like mailing lists and fan clubs, data analytics tools, sales tools for music, merch and tickets, and a lot more. I think people will get really creative with the platform, which is exciting.

Q: Are any outside developers currently using the API?

We are wrapping up the API now, so have just started showing it to select partners. The full public API release will be coming in the next few months.

Q:  What advantages to developers are there for using your API  beyond the large community of artists? 

Besides the community of artists with instant access to the application, there are two big advantages.

First is the existing artist focused content management system. Instead of building their own content management interface and getting artists to enter data into one more place, they can build on top of a common dashboard lots of other apps are using. This should not only save them a whole lot of development time, but will be one less barrier to entry when trying to convince artists to use their service.

Second is that we will provide a complete e-commerce solution. Developers won't have to build their own, get their own merchant account, and all the other headaches that comes with accepting payments (again cutting down on time-to-market). Plus, because artists can subscribe to their apps through the ArtistData, they wont have to enter their credit card again for each purchase, which will increase conversion rates.

Q: Can we assume that ArtistData itself will continue to evolve its own services?

We will see. My goal has always been for ArtistData to make artists as effective and efficient as possible. Providing them with a platform to access high quality tools (developed by separate, dedicated teams) in a convenient and central dashboard is very compelling to me. I see ArtistData's role transitioning to providing and managing that environment, instead of trying to build a lot for it. Someone needs to sit neutrally in the middle, and I think ArtistData is the right company to do it.

Q: Is there anything that you'd like to add?

ArtistData wants to help bands efficiently use the great tools that hundreds of developers are building for them. We also want to help those smart and focused development teams get their app in front of artists. We think this is the best way, and we're still finalizing some of the specifics. Ultimately, we are building this platform for the artist and development community, so we want them to help us shape it. Anyone who wants to be a part of that should contact us.