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Old Record Guy

"I simply feel blessed that I’m an emotional exhibitionist right around the time is seems to be expected and en vogue."

I think this is perhaps the most unintentionally profound thing she said in the whole interview.

Music, and art in general, is cyclical. Right now, most artists have to engage, have to get close to their fans. This is a new sensation for both sides, especially when it comes to bigger acts, for whom a one-to-one dialogue was never really practical. So fans and artists are learning where the boundaries are, what works and what doesn't, and what the tolerance levels are on both sides.


Sometime in the future, people will get tired of this. They'll become used to the interaction, the access, they'll realize that not every artist has something interesting to say, they'll suck all the ideas and news and gossip and photos and free downloads out of the trough until they want to puke.

And that's when some artist, or movement, will bring back that sense of mystery, that unattainability, and they'll be huge. They'll use the new tools to accomplish the task, but they won't be Tweeting during their colon cleanse. They'll rebel against the banal status quo, and legions of fans who are sick of it it too will follow them.

And that's what's great about art. The new burns down the old to be burnt down by the new, until we fondly remember the old and burn down the new.


Gigdoggy dit au vieux Record Guy:

Like you comment a lot and totally agree with you.

"I simply feel blessed that I’m an emotional exhibitionist right around the time is seems to be expected and en vogue."

I too was struck by this sentence. I feel this is so true. Not everyone has her social skills, and so not everyone is entitled to the same level of success with social tools.

Great analysis.


"If the point is to find meaning and fulfillment but the very idea of staying connected is causing you eternal anxiety, it's defeating the purpose."

That, to me, is the most striking comment of all.

It seems so simple, but how many people do you know that become anxious when their ties to Facebook or Twitter collapse? The phone dies, or they lose their signal, and the sudden disconnect from the outside world is almost physically painful.

Or my favorite - when they simply don't have anthing to say, and so they agonize over WHAT to say, just to say anything at all.

I have, at times, found myself sliding towards that state of being. From now on, when I feel the slope ahead of me, I'll remember this quote.

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