Read Chris Anderson’s New Book “Free” For Free

Free book Wired Editor Chris Anderson's new book "Free: The Future of a Radical Price" is already creating controversy and discussion  across the net.  "Free" has particular significance to artists and labels who use free songs to attract new fans, as well as, their entire industry which has been turned upside down by free access to music via file-sharing networks. The book explores the Free model from all angles ,both current and historic, and reading an advance copy inspired me to think about my own business ventures in many new ways.

True to its title, "Free" is being made available at no cost in a variety of formats over a variety of periods from limited to forever.  You can buy a harcover copy of "Free", download a free copy of the audiobook as a zipped mp3 file or read it in its entirety for free right here on Hypebot. The reader after the jump expands to full screen. Bookmark this page and come back to read more….while it's still available.  Free is not always free forever. 

FREE (full book) by Chris Anderson

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  1. I will wait for (and hope for) a free pdf or html in order to read it on my ebook reader…

  2. Why does this somehow remind me of the business models that were used before the internet meltdown of the 20th century? I am just having this deja vu moment all over again.

  3. The irony is: “Sorry, this content is geographically restricted”
    Thanks. It’s free for some, but not for others…
    Just like few others.
    And this is supposed to be the “new age”, right?

  4. Could not agree more. Territorial restrictions are one of the reasons consumers turn to P2P, especially on US content marketed to a WORLDWIDE audience and then restricted in Europe, Canada etc.
    Content producers, don’t be surprised if consumers punish you by going straight to P2P just because you tie up the rights depending on user location.

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