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TechCrunch Dominates New Hype Machine Chart With A Single Tweet

Chart Troubles Continue At The Hype Machine

Tech Crunch Hype Machine

Top tech blog TechCrunch thought that the methodology behind the new Hype Machine Twitter music chart was a bit simplistic; so it decided to test the system. When a single tweet to the writer's 7000+ followers placed a song at #24 on The Hype Machine chart, he decided to tweet a link to Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”  from the TechCrunch Twitter account which has 916,735 followers. The result was an almost instant #1. (click on image to enlarge)

This laltest test comes just days after Hype Machine outed a group of artists for trying to manipulate its "popular" chart. As TechCrunch suggests, maybe its time to stick with the We Are Hunted Twitter chart while The Hype Machine adjusts is methodology.

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  1. The chart is designed to engage a well as inform.
    Techcrunch being able to heavily influence the chart is actually the whole point – we want them to participate how they see fit. So we all learned what cool music TC likes. 🙂
    What the story doesn’t say is that another major tech blog, Mashable, tweeted another track a short time later, displacing the Rick Astley track from the top and naturally correcting the chart.

  2. But what does it really inform us of beyond the fact that two popular blogs can vault a track to the top, regardless of whether or not anyone is really listening to these tracks or are true fans of them? How is Mashable’s tweet a “natural” correction?

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