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Sounds like a LOT like Feist


yawn - why are you covering this crap? The less I hear about PH, the better. This is very fringe "new music business."

Blaine Kaplan

Sounds like something that should be on an indie label, and not a major. Going to be a huge waste of money, and won't translate to the mass market at all.

Just shows, this guy is clueless when it comes to the music biz. If you're playing with the big boys, then you have to bring talent that will deliver.

Philippe Astor


I first saw him on stage at Midem with his guitarist (didn't you ?), really awesome gig ! From Britney Spears to Ray Charles, he gives his touch to every cover he does. Seems to be a good signing. But i'm not so impressed by his album. Otherwise, A great little french guy.

lost 1

sounds very....well....gay.

The Daily Grind

And we care...why?

Old Record Guy

didn't Lily Allen do a cover of this song in almost exactly the same style a few months ago?

Justin Boland

There should definitely be a third option for "Never cover Perez Hilton again because he does not matter to Hypebot readers" -- cuz that's definitely my choice.


fuck perez


It's fun! I'd be curious to hear this guy's original stuff.


Don't hear that "it" single(s), but I guess Warner is banking on selling albums...Oh, wait...sorry that was 1993 calling...they want their business model back!


Whose Paris Hilton ? Are you talking about that rich chick ?

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