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The Music Void

"the business is changing, artists have choice, and artists will find partners to help them get done what they need to - the mantra is no longer: 'I’ve gotta get signed I’ve gotta get signed'…”

We couldn't agree more!

We love the new fan funded fantasy model for artists....for more info on new Musicslu Fan Funded model to release albums with NO record label involvement, read our article here: http://www.themusicvoid.com/2009/05/the-fan-funded-fantastic-fantasy/


"But it’s a relationship where the artists (and their handpicked “team”) not only have creative freedom but economic power. A counterbalance to Industry Rule #4080."

Where is this list of 'industry rules' of which there are apparently more than 4000?

(Or does '4080' spell something in 1337 that is totally going over my head?)


Evan: google it.


Are you sure you don't mean 'bing' it?


Last time I tried, I didn't find a full list. But I'll dig some more~


"Industry Rule #4080: Record company people are shady" - Q-Tip, A Tribe Called Quest.


Oh, I found Q-Tip's quote on the first search, yes. But I (the nerd that I am) am wondering if there are rules 1 thru 4079 preceding rule 4080.

My query was specifically about whether these 'industry rules' were actually listed in sequence somewhere.

I am a dork. Don't listen to me. LOL!


Justin Boland

Hip hop and electronic music have been the most fertile genres for actual music biz innovation in the past 20 years.

When rock bands adopt the same strategies years later, they are hailed as maverick geniuses who have forever changed all human culture.

Such is hype.


Record Label Services is a record label for hire that's already doing distribution and promotion for bands with much smaller budgets:


Ace Thomas

Nice, I like the Blue Scholars. Though I am interested in the actual details of their sponsorship deal with Caffe Vita. I wonder what exactly the deal entails?

Mitchell Fox

Good morning all....again, yes again, it seems as though revelation is the cornerstone of most posts re: the music industry these past few years...ok...decade or so. The notion of "hiring" a record label is nothing new. So as to not bore myself into complacency....make good music and then do whatever you can to spread the word...stop thinking everything has to be "new." It's not..it's been done a million times under a different "model" moniker. Here we go. BTW...the latest on my screen....Flynnville Train, Morgan Tobias, Nora Jane Struthers, James Lewis of TSO, Kentucky HeadHunters, Rufus Huff and last but not least....Herrington Fox Management. Have a good one...mitchell.fox@comcast.net

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