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whats the point?

did they do some market research around this?

"Ours will be a file that you click on, it opens and it would have a totally brand-new look" - why? i dont think i want that.


Great. Do whatever you want. Music 2.0 is about options. Some may like it...some would rather stick to single song downloads....its all good. I don't think they are trying to replace the "single" download model...just adding an additional option...the uberfan may enjoy it. Nevertheless...bring on the options! Its no longer a one format business...we as an industry will learn that people have different wants/needs of consumption. Again...options are good.

Sam K

LOL, why are they trying to re-invent Flash? This is the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

If it needs a custom player this is going to last about 5 minutes.

Sam K

Of course we all know why they would want to re-invent Flash...

*drum roll*


*crowd boos*

Yannick, the GeneralEclectic

Oh my, please not another format war.
You know, it's always the porn industry that decides these things - and they are not in the music business, so it's somewhat likely to drag on and on.


Well I think it's about time the digital music indsutry bring back CREDITS, ARTWORK, LINER NOTES, and all that bonus stuff. It's about time. I think it's just sad that I just get a track names, artist, and album title if im lucky. However, not to know who produced or wrote it? It's definitely about time. Hey 10 years ago I thought MP3 was a joke and look at it now.

All I know there will always be a new format and there will always be the people who lag to catch on or afraid until the rest of world is finally into it. If this a format can bring back to me want I loved about buying a CD, cassette, vinyl then f**kin bring it. I want credits, artwork, liner notes, photos, bonus content back!

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