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Both Rock the Bells and an Erykah Badu/Foreign Exchange concert at Meriweather Post Pavilion in MD were nowhere near as crowded as I expected them to be. With the caliber of artists performing, I thought attendance would be much higher. Maybe the recession has people pinching money for tickets...

Concert fan

Both the economy is affecting concert ticket sales and the fans getting tired of paying high prices in general for bands that come around every year.

Suzanne Lainson

The economy is hitting in a lot of areas. Video game sales are down. Vacation driving is down. Concert ticket sales are down. Back-to-school spending is down. McDonald's is doing very well.

I've been following the economy very closely because people with limited funds don't have the money to pay for music. That doesn't mean they aren't listening to music. There are a lot of ways to hear it for free. And there are a lot of ways to hear/see live music for free or little money. So music will always be around. But in terms of providing a living for people, the prospects don't look all that good.

A number of economists have said that we've been living in a bubble economy for a long time, perhaps as far back as 1980. So even when we're out of the recession, the new "normal" isn't going to be like the old normal. People are going to have to downsize in lots of areas.

That doesn't mean the quality of life has to suffer. People can still enjoy their families, friends, and neighbors. But they are going to do it in ways that don't require spending much money.

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