Jury Tells Tenebaum To Pay $675,000

RIAA toiletpaper After just 3 hours of deliberation, the jury in the RIAA vs. Joel Tenebaum has ordered the student to pay $675,000 in damages or $22,500 for each of the 30 songs that he downloaded.

When asked about the size verdict, Tenenbaum's attorney and Harvard Law School professor Charles Nesson told Ars that "it's a bankrupting award." Nesson believed that the outcome might have been different if he had been allowed to argue Fair Use. "We were not allowed to speak to fairness," he told Ars. "I thought we had pretty damn good arguments on Fair Use."

Tenebaum said that we would probably declaore bankrupcy if the award were not overturned.

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  1. they really miss the point of these cases,the likely hood of the average user grossing over 25-45 grand in a year is more common place….but 600 grand?if this guy had 600 g’s,do you really think he’d be snaggin tunes off the net?ahahahah…..
    not to mention the publicized nature of these cases,that completely defeats the RIAA’s integrity(not that they have had any of that in the last 5 years or so)
    Also the fact that bands have to counter Sue the Labels to get the money from the case in itself…
    Just proves how quickly the industry’s imploding on itself….an the goals only going to get worse.
    Word to the wise.
    “Give it up gentlemen your kicking your own ass,and looking like a large ass in the pro-sass,by being a dumb-ass”.
    Implement a world wide wise clause with internet fee’s(an extra dollar charge,multiplied by millions,would equal more in the long run,then money your trying to smoke out of the average joe thats imaginary..,take the minimal loss,and build a more fan interactive format to run with your bands.
    Times have changed…..its about time you guys do to.
    stop being greedy pricks)

  2. He was ordered this way for the download or MAKING AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC? I honestly don’t think it’s for the first one.

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