Music Blog Network MOG Gets $5 Million More

Mog newest Music blogging network MOG has closed a $5 million equity financing round lead by Menlo Ventures. Long-time investors Simon Equity Partners and Scott Jones have also participated to the round and will be joined on the board by Sonja Hoel Perkins of Menlo Ventures. MOG has raised $12.5 million dollars in funding to date.

A number of other blog networks also hope to become the go to place on the web for music; but while some have gained eyeballs, most are no where near profitability. MOG hopes to circumvent that fate by having the majority of its content created free by fans and then hand curated. The approach is finding success among readers with the site getting 8 million unique visitors a month reading the 6,000 new music blog posts generated weekly.  Current advertisers include Scion, TAG (P&G), Xbox, Nike, and LG.

“With a partner like Menlo Ventures, MOG is in a terrific position to make a colossal impact in the online music space. We have plans to be a leader in not just editorial music content but in music listening as well” said David Hyman, MOG founder and CEO.
“David Hyman and his team have built a company that is poised to dominate a market segment where there is yet to be a clear leader,” said Sonja Hoel Perkins of Menlo Ventures. “We have been impressed with MOG’s team, technology and deep understanding of an industry wrought with change and enormous upside potential.”

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  1. I read widely across the web each day, with a focus on music and technology. I’ve done this for years, but I’d never heard of MOG until I saw this announcement.
    Is it arrogant for me to think that this is less a matter of my ignorance than of MOG’s lack of promotion? What gives? It looks like an excellent, but under-marketed resource. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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