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Myspace's tech team can't execute, so they bought one that could.


Please don't talk about Reverb Nation being bought out. They're one of the few places that actually does things right - I'd hate to see some big corp ruin all of that...


Imeem is ad based and about to go under. Reverbnation a bunch of bells & whistles that provides no real marketing tools that mean anything of any measurable value, over-rated hype - nothing of any substance at RN - For example:Where is the sense is displaying 'friends' on Reverbnation when the totals include your MySpace friends? (Which every indie band out there are jacking!)
I heard (from a relaible source) that Facebook are already in talks with the majors about partnering with them on CMX - which makes total sense and more notably why Facebook is not bothered about MySpace's aquisition of iLike.


Wow Dave. I'm very surprised by your assessment of Reverbnation. I can only surmise that you have not actually used their service. I have been using their tools for over 2 years now and have yet to find any other provider that gives deeper analytics or more powerful out-of-the-box solutions.

I'm also confused by your issue with displaying friends at Reverb. Reverbnation.com is not a destination, nor is it intended to be. Reverb is a tool meant to help super charge your other existing destinations.

I would suggest that you give them a real test drive and see for yourself.

To the initial post, I would expect that a company ran as intelligently as Reverb would not sell unless it was in the best interest of all involved.

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