MySpace Music Disables Auto-Play


How many times have you visited a band's MySpace page only to have the band's music automatically start blaring out of your speakers?  Well, no more.

 In an apparent move to save bandwidth costs on the more than a billion or more auto-play streams a month, MySpace Music has disabled the feature. Users can opt back in to the feature. This also has the benefit, sources say, of improving the user experience and providing better listening data.


Thank-you Courtney. :>)

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  1. I for one really appreciate this. When I surf over to myspace to check out a band, I’m usually already listening to music on iTunes. I’d gotten into the habit of waiting for the player to load and pressing pause before doing anything else on a myspace page.
    Good move towards a better user experience, myspace!

  2. It’s a great idea. I hate when I have multiple Myspace pages open with each one playing different music. I have to scramble to pause each one.

  3. Completely agree with Jordan – whenever I visit a MySpace page, the first thing I do is ensure that the autoplay is paused so as to not interfere with my regular music.
    Based on the ~$10 million monthly fees associated with autoplay (as quoted by Techcrunch), you have to wonder why this kind of decision wasn’t made sooner.

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