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Justin Boland

So WSJ is going paywall these days? That's surprisingly stupid...off to go find some passwords...

Old Record Guy

God, I really wish this would land these greedy scumbags in jail for collusion and anti-trust - punish one, teach a thousand.....

Heavy Kevy

what ?? irving shady ?? noooooo....cant be.

john anonymous

please dont let the government let this merger between ticket/scalpmaster with this conv. charge and that service charge and that conv. charge and livenation the largest concert promoter frm in the world happen.where does it end?, when irving azoff owns and CEO of the whole live concert,ticketing and touring market Theres still some competition out there but if this merger happens probably already has by now!!!!!,every concert ticket dollar will go into the artists and irving azoff's fat pockets why couldn't he just stick with the management of joe walsh,the eagles,glenn frey,christina aguilera,neil diamond,van halen,guns n roses he's great at that but he sucks at monopoly and greed knock it off irving!!!!!quit while youre ahead and stop this cancer before you f--k up the whole business for your'e own greed and satisfaction and what about aeg/concerts west youre old buddies

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